Sunday, November 26, 2006

We interrupt this boring blog to give you a knitting news update:

Lacy socks.
Now, i know how many (wink wink) faithful readers i have, so just in case you were thinking to yourself, "Haven't i seen those socks on this blog before?" you are almost correct-- you saw them here. But that pair traveled to Montana, and this pair is staying here on the front range. I think i need more hand knit socks. These are kool-aid dyed, the result of Grand Plans/Strategies colliding with Heaps of Impatience. But the muted tone is satisfactory and i've got myself a smashing pair of socks.

The kool-aid dye (i.e low color saturation or shocking fruity colors) just wasn't enough thrill for me. So i switched to fast wash acid dyes. I present to you this:
Sure, the color card said "Boysenberry", but i'll call this skein "Muscles". Again, a fit of impatience struck this innocent skein as it sat in the pot. i just through some dye on top of the wool. it's an interesting effect, and will make another pair of socks just dandy.

Let's see what else? The Wild Stripes baby blanket reached 100% completion (polyester fleece sewn to the back, yellow running stitch added, late night with repetitious blanket stitch...) and was given to it's new keeper. They love it!

Some of my knitting time has been redirected to hand quilting. And more with be further spent on Holiday Hand-Mades (which is still in R&D stage). Thank goodness i can stash a sock in my bag for all the dull times in between.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

It isn't road cycling and it isn't mountain biking... it's Cyclocross:
(or, "Hey have you seen my lycra")
*this post does not contain knitting

Tom started his day attending the U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross Boulder Cup. It's so local it's stupid not to go.. and beautiful too!
One of his co-workers Val, won her race:
And enjoyed her morning coffee in her winning cup.
This is the field when the professionals (Elite Men) took to the course (i showed up to watch this part of the racing):
they do a little down hill, a little up hill (with logs obstructing the way = hike-a-bike), a little sand, and a little grass and little pavement.

This is the winner Barry Wicks about to cross the finish line:
And this is Ryan Trebon, the guy who kicked ass-- changed bicycles 4 times during the 10 lap race and made up wicked amounts of time. i apologize for not being able to give your more information like teams and all the technical stuff-- but if you're that curious check out Velo News (where you can also see pictures of Lance Armstong looking quite awkward in an upright running position during the New York Marathon) or Cycling News for all the latest information:
And to top it all off: Miss Colorado filled the role of "podium girl". (she was so close, how could i not take her picture... and it was entertaining to me-- haha!):

in other news: i made four curtains for my classroom windows and kool-aid dyed a skein of yarn (i have issues with kool aid and color saturation so i don't know if i love the dye job, but that's for another post). cheers.