Wednesday, December 31, 2008


aunty em diapers are now available at Childish Things in Boulder, Co. This is very exciting! Childish Things is located at 2071 30th St, Boulder Co., 80301. It is on 30th between Pearl St. and Walnut, sort of behind Target. You know i would love to have you buy one of these beauties if you find yourself in Boulder.
cloth diapers: film photographs

in other news: have you done anything about The Handmade Fiasco? If not, please take yourself over here to sign a petition, or over here to vote that this is one of the issues Mr. Obama takes a look at (it is currently #1 in the Economy Topics and voting closes today!). The new Law passed and will go into effect on February 10th if it does not get amended. Ick. If you have had the thought that this really won't effect you or what you make, please take a moment to reconsider that it probably will effect some one you know (me!) who makes something (anything!) for children. You can also click the link on the side bar to read more.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Save Handmade

it's been going around the cloth-diaper-making community, etsy and many other craft blogs and forums: Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, a new law designed to ensure the safety of children’s products. Basically, it's lead testing for all products intended for children 12 years and younger. It will effect thousands of small businesses because the testing costs are crazy expensive. Sew, Mama Sew has a lovely, well worded post. And i am also using her links to refer you to TAKE ACTION.

Save Handmade Toys

please visit one or more of these websites to learn more and contact your representive to let them know that targeting the entire children's market will not only effect our overall economy but, it will also distroy local handmade goods & toys and small businesses everywhere. it will also take away all of the beautiful wood toys that get imported from Europe.

Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas: the holiday note

2008: road trip, originally uploaded by good little granola girl.

i sent this photography and a short note to family and friends in snail-mail version. But i only did 36 of those family and friends to save a bit of money. So, for all the other friends i have out there in internet-land i wanted to share it with you as well!

merry christmas to one and all. we hope you are well. i haven’t written a christmas letter in a few years so i thought it was time for an update. This year’s ‘theme’ was Road Trip. In May we drove to N. Carolina to meet our newest (and first) nephew, Max. He is really cute in all of his baby-goodness, and we held him a lot while we were there. being with family we don’t see too often was really nice. and did i mention holding the baby a lot? our next road trip took us to Nebraska to help my parents tow a late 1940’s spartan manor trailer back to colorado. my dad has since sold it, but it made for a fun, vintage (we even slept in it one night), laid back road trip (because one has to drive slow-ish when towing such a trailer). when september rolled around tom and i took a ‘driving tour’ of southwest colorado (and moab too). we camped, i took a zilllion photographs, and tom drove and drove and drove.

boulder is nice. i work as a nanny with 2 charismatic children. tom is still at REI. Throw in some knitting (for me) and bicycle tinkering (for tom) and that’s another year here at our home.

we hope you had a lovely holiday season (although, it is not over yet.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

diaper order #01

diaper order #01, originally uploaded by good little granola girl.

i have a had my very first diaper order generated from! it has been very exciting. so exciting in fact, that i went to denver to meet the women who was buying them (and we had cloth diapering 101). i loved every minute of it.

the website has been seeing some traffic, but i haven't been getting many emails with requests or questions. I'm sure people are looking for a way to order them. That is in the works and i have some creative ideas for doing it.

but i really should be sewing at the moment. i have another order to fulfill. yipee!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

thanks ya'll

so this whole time, or least lately, i sort of thought that no one read this little old inconsistent blog. but then i posted about my new venture, Aunt Em Diapers, and i got all sorts of hits over there. It was wonderful watching the stats counter move up up up all day! So, i've come to the conculsion that this here blog does indeed have a visitor or more. and that makes me very happy indeed. And if you were one of those that got my email too, double thanks. The diaper business is very small, but i hoping that with the internet community, my friends and theirs it will grow a little bit. I also really want to focus on Local and perhaps, just maybe, I can sell my diapers in a few store in Boulder. I find it tremendously important to support local, handmade folks.

aunty em diapers

I am one of those that love photographs: i could just eat them up. So if you are curious to see more of the diaper photos, please head on over to the flickr and see them all. I did all the photography and film and a manual camera. And then do please, feel free to send them along to anyone you think might also be interested.

thanks to all my little birdies for spreading the word.

Monday, December 08, 2008

aunty em diapers

aunty em diapers, originally uploaded by good little granola girl.

for some of you, the ones who read this, occasionally, because i post occasionally, you might have read (a long time ago) that i had a project i was working on.. but keeping it under wraps. well, i am ready to present that to ya'll now!

I introduce you to: Aunty Em Diapers. Cloth diapers and (soon to be) diaper covers for babies.

the fabric, snaps, patterns and more fabric have taken over the craft room, but in a really exciting new way. And i have new toys too: a snap press and a new sewing machine and webpage that is all mine! And i'm hoping a serger will be in the near future (gotta make a little money first).

It's definatelty a project i am really happy with and really look forward to pursuing. Take a look at the new website for all the information. if you have any questions, i'd love to hear from you.

oh, and one more thing: I'm on twitter now. i've even got it in the side bar here, so if you twitter too, give me a tweet, little birdie.