Thursday, March 30, 2006

so i've been thinking about blogging and knitting-- like a lot of people do.

i have been for quite some time reading several knitting blogs: watching their posts, projects and photographs. i like some, i love some and i wish i had the creativity of some. so i thought it was high time to have one of my own.

i would make a beautiful one that would illustrate who i was: my style, wit and talent. and in time i would have lots of comments. my little blog button or link would be seen on the side bars of rings of knitblog writters. hey, i might even hear talk about my blog. my quaint little "the good sheep" (which i oddly enough sing to the tune of Good Ship Lollipop in my own pretty little head) would be wonderful. hey, maybe one day, i'll even have a book deal.

but i suppose before all that happens, i'll have to post some pictures and continue to nurture my dear little blog. Which brings me to this question: to have a great knit blog, do i have to be a prolific knitter or a prolific blogger? Can i successfully do one with out the other?

thank goodness for the good sheep!

p.s. add me to your links people, i have high hopes!
p.s again: yes, i will add some photos soon!
oh! and one more thing: leave me a comment-- i'll admit it: i'm vain and love to hear feed back!

Monday, March 27, 2006

okay. i'm going to start a blog. this is the first entry. i won't even have any pictures for this my very first entry. why, you ask? why make a boring entry with not one single picture? because i just have to type something, anything, to get started. the get the log rolling. i've been trying to get just the "right" photographs, but i can't. i think i need some help. yep, this is boring entry.

as an introduction i can tell you this: five things about me:
  1. i wear the same style dress everyday. i have five of them.
  2. i am still connected to my childhood friends because they are in wonderful books.
  3. i am hopelessley addicted to knitting and forever more will be.
  4. i have two different sheep tape measures, and so i have a collection.
  5. i am a native to the state i live in, and i like it that way.