Thursday, September 28, 2006

i know this will be making the rounds in the knitting world, but i feel i need to share it with you as well! truely, you must link yourself over there, you will not be disappointed!

~what's that you say? where the hell have i been? no where. but i'll be back later with more: mitten swap, baby blankets (yes, plural), and a sweater. ~

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Letter *
To The Knitters (you know who you are),
I really love knitting with you in the evening. After taking care of little children who want to bite each other, pull hair and dump their lunch on the floor, you are the light at the end of my tunnel. I love the conversations we have. I like when the topics connect from tangent to tangent, theme to theme and then turn around 180 degrees. I like when we relate to eachother and when we agree to disagree. But, please, do not let me order fancy drinks like soy mocha latte's-- even if they are only 8 oz at 6:30 pm. What were you thinking? Did you know i go home and sit on the couch watching syndication after syndication of sitcoms. Sure i didn't see the episode of Will and Grace with Kristen Davis when it was regularly one, but i did't need to watch it the other night either; with those testing- sometimes troublesome toddlers to contend with at 8:30 in the morning. And what's more, it makes me sleep really oddly (i won't go into the detail, but it was weird and dreamless).

Okay, Thanks for you help-- see you at the next knit-night

The Surprise

Imagine me surprise, the flop of excitment i felt in my stomach, when driving around on Boulder streets i saw one of the these, a la bumper! "My god! another knitter who wants the tailgater to know it!" I thought nothing of it, my "aw" and excitement still running away with it's self, when i saw it on a Subaru-- they're practically the offical state car. And then it hit me. That's Anne's car. I just knit with Anne. Anne and I left the same parking lot at the same time. Anne said she was driving this direction. That sticker belongs to Anne. Of course (!) Anne has a "KNIT" sticker. But I'm still thrilled to see one around town!

The Project

I took this picture several weeks ago when i was just begining this--

thought it would make a lovely and timely post, but it didn't. now all the wonderful (simply wonderful, i want to do as make as many projects as i can with this yarn) has been knit up into the final product:

* at the time this was a timely and current event, but sadly it is now weeks old-- but i still find it entertaining!

**and i changed the border of the blanket-- added a garter stripe do-da, and i'm going to sew navy blue 100wt. poly fleece to the back.