Thursday, September 28, 2006

i know this will be making the rounds in the knitting world, but i feel i need to share it with you as well! truely, you must link yourself over there, you will not be disappointed!

~what's that you say? where the hell have i been? no where. but i'll be back later with more: mitten swap, baby blankets (yes, plural), and a sweater. ~

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Anonymous said...

I saw that video and it is really cute.

In answer to your question. I have no idea when I'll be out to CO again. I'm hoping next semester during one of my breaks. This semester is so busy and the breaks that I have are during Thanksgiving and Christmas and of course that means visiting with family. Both of those times Gabe plans on flying out here so I'm definitely thinking it's going to be next semester. Such a long time to wait to see everyone! Hopefully when I do come out we can all get together to knit!