Sunday, October 29, 2006

Solution: the Shirt Dress
my face doesn't show the excitement, but my shopping trip was a success (and i'm so darn excited and through them all on and took pictures without washing or ironing, so pardon the creases). I found three dress, all in a similar style, but with different details-- giving me the "look" i was going for: vintage, pretty, not too trendy and a bit of western flar. This top one is navy, with a wide belt and small side pockets.
a detail shot of the the front.
a brown one (with out making me look like a brownie, a nun, or a 1st grader): faux wrap dress with long ties, a full-ish skirt and smart sleeves.
this is the fancy one-- black and white polka-dots with a bright red satin tie. it has all the flare i wanted.
this one is not like the others, but i saw it while walking out the store and knew it had to come with me too. I actually really love this dress-over-jeans look (it has that perfect preschool teacher look to it)-- it's a little crunchy, but so am i at times. i bought new jeans too. You didn't think i owned a pair did ya? well i do, check these out.

they have been patched several time (love that fabric) and just keep ripping. it's like every time i move in them they fall apart a little more. i may wear them clean off! so i got some new ones.

knitting content in the next post: baby blankets galore!
Strike Two!
(or why i should stick to knitting)
i'm not sure i like this dress either. the dark blue calico fabric gives it a denim look, and the layered skirt adds a ready-for-square-dancin' look as well. it's still not the "look" i'm going for. (i'm beginning to wonder if i can ever give up cotton calicos.) unfortunately, it took up way more time than i had wanted. the jury is still out if it will make it into the regular rotation.

In other weekend news:
i carved myself a pumpkin-- bought from a local farm. i had forgotten the smell of pumpkin guts... and the feel (oh, how i love the feel. after words while washing the seeds in a bowl of water i had an "amelie" moment, running my hands through the slippery seeds). we also bought a baking pie pumpkin destined for the oven this afternoon.

but for a now i'm goin' shoppining!

Monday, October 23, 2006

i'm having a fashion crisis!! my new boots have inspired me to put the "prairie" clothing away and go for a more funky-western-vintage look. i want something with a bit of flair, feminism, and ease-- and i want to wear DRESSES (which don't seem to be in fashion this season, as there are slim pickin' at the stores-- or cost $100+). So i thought i would make something. In this picture here we have chocolate 100% wool gabardine. i modified the pattern but i DO NOT like the results. This look says, "country nun" or "grown up Brownie, gone western"-- or i look like a first grader.

i know it's the choice of fabric...and pattern but, i'm reaching my frustration level. i don't want to spend a lot of timing sewing a new pattern, but i also don't have a large bill fold to support commerical made dresses. what is a girl to do?? anyone want to recommend a good thrift store?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Observations on the road:

1. while sitting in traffic gazing into my review mirror i spy a woman wearing a gas mask. She is driving a Prius.

2. while cruising down the highway i look out my window to see a minivan filled with children ranging from adolescent to infant. All the windows are closed. The driver, the mother (?) is puffing away on her cigarette.

3. while waiting for the light to change from red to green i read the bummer stickers of the car beside (and slightly in front) of me. "Go Vegan", "Fur Kills", "The Greatful Dead", "Green Peace".
The driver appears to be enjoying her cigarette mightily.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Read On!

People! there are finally new posts uploaded, but you'll have to scroll through a little bit.

And in other non-knitterly news:

i've got new kicks! i'm totally in love with them. I completely wore out my previous pair of lace-up style dansko boots, so now ya'll with be seeing me walkin' around in these here boots. Giddy-Up!

p.s. this new foot wear may lead to a style/wardrobe change in the near future. stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

the horror!

Bunny has been rescued.

did you know Bunny was missing?

first let me introduce you to Bunny:

sure he's a little dirty-- and was once white. but he has a very valuable job. see:

to my discovery and horror, Bunny was not found in the knitting basket-- when i needed some stitch markers-- the project came to a screeching halt! I remained calm. I took everything out of the basket. i unfolded, untangled and neatly sorted through. No Bunny. Next i looked in my purse-- again with the emptying out. Not there either. I looked on the end table, underneath the couch (oh, there were bunnies, but not the kind i was searching), underneath all the projects accumulated on the "craft couch", in other random baskets dutifully tending yarn. Again, i looked through my basket. No Bunny.

Then it struck me-- a glimmer of hope amoung all the despair of loss: Bunny was not in the house. I went over my steps. No, I didn't drop my basket in the parking lot lately (sending balls of yarn though an obstacle course of grease stains, debris and sand). No, i hadn't taken my knitting out during work and scattered it about in the break room. The last place i was knitting and making use of Bunny was.... AMANTE!!! (suspense music ends here--- dun-dun-daun.)

That was Wednesday night and here we are, lost and seperated on FRIDAY night! Calmly, I found their phone number: "ring.ring.ring"
"Amante. how may i help you?"
"hi. do you guys have a lost-and-found?"
"sorta. why"
"well, i lost- i mean i think i lost it in your store. I was wondering if you had a white, white-ish, bunny coin purse thingie?"
"oh yah. we have that here" (now, i have to describe how he said that. his tone and speed, a remarkable quick reply, that also said "can't miss that odd thing?!?! what kind of person looses a bunny coin purse. what kind of person has a bunny coin purse? Sure, lady, we have that thing here.")

The fine adventure, and reunion concludes with an immediate drive to Amante (in which tom orders, "a small Latte and one white bunny.) and the recovery of Bunny. On the ride home i could only think of the adventures Bunny had while spending a few nights at Amante. It's a little bit like the story of Corduroy. Perhaps Bunny now needs a "if lost, call...." tag.
package recieved: check. package sent: not yet

there's a mitten swap in progress. i've been knitting along-- there was some rippin', changin' of patterns, chanin' of needles, and changin' of yarns, but it's all worked out now.

And what's more, i've already recieved my package!

A box filled with wonderfully wooly yellow mittens, hand-made glass buttons-- fish, how did she know i was a pisces?!, a wee-little note book and a funny little connection: (1)my package came from Virginia, (2)the person i send to is in D.C-- who wrote on her blog about visiting a fiber farm outside of Warrenton, VA., and the final connection: (3)my husband grew up in Warrenton, VA. It's interesting how connected to strangers you can be?(anyone wanna play 6-degrees of seperation?)

Thanks to my wonderful knitter for such a lovely pair of warm mitts!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Project Update:

#1. Baby-boy blanket:
using brown sheep cotton fleece, size 5 needles and the stripe-ing pattern from the wild stripes blanket... um scratch that,
i'm doing log cabin.

#2. my hope-chest baby blanket:

nothing fancy except for luxurious organic cotton-- the blanket feels like chenille.

#3. the silky-wool stripey sweater-y:

cardigan on size 2 needles, my own pattern.

#4. Mitten swap:

manos del uruguay in color 110, size 6 needles.