Sunday, October 29, 2006

Strike Two!
(or why i should stick to knitting)
i'm not sure i like this dress either. the dark blue calico fabric gives it a denim look, and the layered skirt adds a ready-for-square-dancin' look as well. it's still not the "look" i'm going for. (i'm beginning to wonder if i can ever give up cotton calicos.) unfortunately, it took up way more time than i had wanted. the jury is still out if it will make it into the regular rotation.

In other weekend news:
i carved myself a pumpkin-- bought from a local farm. i had forgotten the smell of pumpkin guts... and the feel (oh, how i love the feel. after words while washing the seeds in a bowl of water i had an "amelie" moment, running my hands through the slippery seeds). we also bought a baking pie pumpkin destined for the oven this afternoon.

but for a now i'm goin' shoppining!

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