Friday, October 20, 2006

Observations on the road:

1. while sitting in traffic gazing into my review mirror i spy a woman wearing a gas mask. She is driving a Prius.

2. while cruising down the highway i look out my window to see a minivan filled with children ranging from adolescent to infant. All the windows are closed. The driver, the mother (?) is puffing away on her cigarette.

3. while waiting for the light to change from red to green i read the bummer stickers of the car beside (and slightly in front) of me. "Go Vegan", "Fur Kills", "The Greatful Dead", "Green Peace".
The driver appears to be enjoying her cigarette mightily.


duchessofgravity said...

oh my...

kate said...

dude. only in boulder.

i bet the chickatee with the bumper stickers was smoking a doobie in disguise.

(and my dear, it is the "grateful dead". i can't let that one go, considering how i spent my college days....)

and, i *covet* those boots, by the way. gorgeous.

AND, another thing! i missed you at taos. i decided i am coming back for estes. and you better be there.