Tuesday, October 03, 2006

package recieved: check. package sent: not yet

there's a mitten swap in progress. i've been knitting along-- there was some rippin', changin' of patterns, chanin' of needles, and changin' of yarns, but it's all worked out now.

And what's more, i've already recieved my package!

A box filled with wonderfully wooly yellow mittens, hand-made glass buttons-- fish, how did she know i was a pisces?!, a wee-little note book and a funny little connection: (1)my package came from Virginia, (2)the person i send to is in D.C-- who wrote on her blog about visiting a fiber farm outside of Warrenton, VA., and the final connection: (3)my husband grew up in Warrenton, VA. It's interesting how connected to strangers you can be?(anyone wanna play 6-degrees of seperation?)

Thanks to my wonderful knitter for such a lovely pair of warm mitts!

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