Sunday, October 29, 2006

Solution: the Shirt Dress
my face doesn't show the excitement, but my shopping trip was a success (and i'm so darn excited and through them all on and took pictures without washing or ironing, so pardon the creases). I found three dress, all in a similar style, but with different details-- giving me the "look" i was going for: vintage, pretty, not too trendy and a bit of western flar. This top one is navy, with a wide belt and small side pockets.
a detail shot of the the front.
a brown one (with out making me look like a brownie, a nun, or a 1st grader): faux wrap dress with long ties, a full-ish skirt and smart sleeves.
this is the fancy one-- black and white polka-dots with a bright red satin tie. it has all the flare i wanted.
this one is not like the others, but i saw it while walking out the store and knew it had to come with me too. I actually really love this dress-over-jeans look (it has that perfect preschool teacher look to it)-- it's a little crunchy, but so am i at times. i bought new jeans too. You didn't think i owned a pair did ya? well i do, check these out.

they have been patched several time (love that fabric) and just keep ripping. it's like every time i move in them they fall apart a little more. i may wear them clean off! so i got some new ones.

knitting content in the next post: baby blankets galore!


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the brown dress! It looks great on you!

moxieknits said...

I think all three are a nice "look"