Saturday, October 18, 2008

pumpkin hats and other warm woolies

pumpkin hats, originally uploaded by good little granola girl.

hello autumn. may i greet you with some knitting? wrap yourself (your head for starters) in wool. then for your chilly nights we have something for your feet as well.

these little pumpkin hats were made for my nephew max (the dark orange) and my little friend Ave (the lighter orange). i rather enjoyed making them sort of different, as no two pumpkins are really the same. similar yes, but not the same.

i also am have a felting frenzy.
strippey slippers
so quick and so rewarding. i'm wearing my new slippers now and i am rather tickled with them. i put a wooly fleece lined leather sole on the bottom, so i don't slip and break my ass.

at the moment i don't feel like i have many knitting projects but,i am surrounded by wool all over the couch.