Monday, November 10, 2008

hello. blog much?

the nanny, originally uploaded by good little granola girl.

well, i'm around. i've also been lying around. on the couch. i found out i had strep after days of a wicked bad sore throat, feeling lousy and having to cancel my knitting party (which was the worst part of being sick. boo hoo). but while i was feeling lousy, i was also missing work. so my 'charge', Axel, sent me a wonderful picture. This was super exciting for two reasons. Number One: it still rocks to get mail with a stamp, from the postmaster, in the mailbox. i loved opening it up to see what was inside. Number Two: check out the glasses! This little boy has gone from totally scribbling, to drawing images (and telling you what it is he is drawing) in what seems like overnight. i know that's not true, but is was a quick transition. I'm so in love with this picture, that i fell compelled to show everyone.. so i am. on the internet.