Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nothing like wool socks in the the summer! Fresh off the needles are the Hedera Socks. Made from 100% merino wool (well except for that bit of reinforcing wooly nylon you see there at the toe and it's at the heel too) in a green color that sometimes strikes me as perfect ivy or camo-green, depending on the light. The yarn is Koigu, the needles are US 1 and i did a star toe instead of a kitchner'd one.

With this project complete, i'm in a bit of knitting project limbo-- i'm relativly caught up on projects and ready to start a new one, but don't know what to do, or what to make it with. i don't like this feeling-- but hopefully it will pass soon (i'm this close to making a KnitPicks order to make this as a gift.)
Dear One Skein Secret Pal, er, I mean Alyson,

Thank You Berry-Much for the thoughtful August package-- and what quick postal service as well!
First I must start with the hand-made: the beautiful and aromatic eye pillow-- the color is wonderful for the organic lavender scent (and organic flax) that creates its stuffings. It arrived during a week when i wasn't falling asleep easily, and so it went direct to my bed with me the very night it arrived at it's new home. I slept wonderfully! I want to take it every where with me. Not so i can sleep every where but, rather so that i can relax every where. Thank you. It's wonderful. The tea will be great to sample (when it isn't 90+ degrees outside)-- they sell this tea at one of my local yarn stores-- funny yarn connection, eh? The braclet is perfect! i can wear it to work where it can get wet, chewed on, played with and not break-- i love it! The note cards are also wonderful-- how did you know i was pondering those at the book store. I have thought to myself before, "if i had one of those embroidery machines i could make those." But then that thought is immediatly followed with, "I don't believe (as in value it's crafty-ness) in embroidery machines." And last but certainly not least, thank you for the hemp yarn (and the handy tip of soaking it first before using it-- i will do just that!). I can't wait to make something with it, my first thought is a market bag, but then again, i'm not sure. It will have to wait for my creative juices to capture it.

Thank you for all the wonderful packages this summer. It was a fun exchange, and i'm thrilled to know who you are-- i'll definately be reading your blog during my blog-reading-times.

Here's to Knitting,
Good Little Granola Girl

Saturday, August 05, 2006

i know it seems like i don't even update anymore. but i do. i guess i'm not one to share every dust bunny i find, but i do like to share the big stuff. the done stuff.

For example, a lovely little arrowhead lace shawlette in 100% alpaca (bought at the Estes wool market a few years ago, and beyond that i have no more information).

loverly isn't it? it's recipiant is my One Skein Secret Pal (who i am almost postive doesn't even know this here journal is in existance).

In addition to knitting, i have found myself at the sewing machine lately... and the fabric store, but of course! (i do not like the fabric store i go to, but still manage to find something. it's all rather depressing at times. My favorite fabric store did away with it's cotton/calico/quilting fabrics, which leaves me, the "cotton girl" with out one of my fabric fibers.)
This is my new favorite dress. i want to live in it all times. and so i have made several in the same style. And what a great style it is! my kindred spirit (who i want to spend all sorts of time with-- i may have a little crush on her) was the owner of this circa 1970's pattern. And after i saw hers, much like in knitting, i had to have one for myself. i am forever greatful for her generousity, and may even like the hot weather better for it.

Also occupying my attention lately was my kindred cousin's wedding.

I was a reader at the ceremony which was a perfect honor for me. It was a beautiful outdoor mountian wedding. I'm so very happy for her and look forward to our relationship growing-- we grew up pretty close but have lost touch with eachother a bit more than each of us would prefer. And isn't it cute how similar we look to eachother?

Oh, and before I end this post, I must THANK my one skein secret pal for yet another wonderful package.
For July she sent me 100% Royal Platinum Alpaca. 1600 yards of it no less. It's 2ply, with a recommended needle size of U 1-3. It's beautiful and fine and soft. and i have no idea what to make with it yet. but what i really like is the colors of autumn and nature she selected for me.