Saturday, August 05, 2006

i know it seems like i don't even update anymore. but i do. i guess i'm not one to share every dust bunny i find, but i do like to share the big stuff. the done stuff.

For example, a lovely little arrowhead lace shawlette in 100% alpaca (bought at the Estes wool market a few years ago, and beyond that i have no more information).

loverly isn't it? it's recipiant is my One Skein Secret Pal (who i am almost postive doesn't even know this here journal is in existance).

In addition to knitting, i have found myself at the sewing machine lately... and the fabric store, but of course! (i do not like the fabric store i go to, but still manage to find something. it's all rather depressing at times. My favorite fabric store did away with it's cotton/calico/quilting fabrics, which leaves me, the "cotton girl" with out one of my fabric fibers.)
This is my new favorite dress. i want to live in it all times. and so i have made several in the same style. And what a great style it is! my kindred spirit (who i want to spend all sorts of time with-- i may have a little crush on her) was the owner of this circa 1970's pattern. And after i saw hers, much like in knitting, i had to have one for myself. i am forever greatful for her generousity, and may even like the hot weather better for it.

Also occupying my attention lately was my kindred cousin's wedding.

I was a reader at the ceremony which was a perfect honor for me. It was a beautiful outdoor mountian wedding. I'm so very happy for her and look forward to our relationship growing-- we grew up pretty close but have lost touch with eachother a bit more than each of us would prefer. And isn't it cute how similar we look to eachother?

Oh, and before I end this post, I must THANK my one skein secret pal for yet another wonderful package.
For July she sent me 100% Royal Platinum Alpaca. 1600 yards of it no less. It's 2ply, with a recommended needle size of U 1-3. It's beautiful and fine and soft. and i have no idea what to make with it yet. but what i really like is the colors of autumn and nature she selected for me.


Meike said...

Emily, I just love, love, love how the dress turned out! It is so super-fabulous! I can't wait to see it!

Alyson said...

Aww, I wish it was 1600 yards now. Just so you don't start a pattern and get totally confused when you run out of yarn after one patt repeat - it's 1600 yards per pound, but it's a two-ounce skein, so it's actually only 200 yards. Or I think maybe it's a little more than 200 yards. I got all excited about the yardage too, but then I got skeptical - didn't really look like 1600 yards...

That yarn has a really confusing label - so confusing that the shop owner was telling me she calculated the price she paid per gram wrong at first when calculating what to charge for it - she spent a few days selling it for less than half what she paid for it. (I felt a little evil for thinking, "Man, wish I'd gotten here sooner.")

(Yay, I can sign in to comment now!)

Jenifer said...

Yummy alpaca! And I think that dress is super cute! :)