Thursday, March 30, 2006

so i've been thinking about blogging and knitting-- like a lot of people do.

i have been for quite some time reading several knitting blogs: watching their posts, projects and photographs. i like some, i love some and i wish i had the creativity of some. so i thought it was high time to have one of my own.

i would make a beautiful one that would illustrate who i was: my style, wit and talent. and in time i would have lots of comments. my little blog button or link would be seen on the side bars of rings of knitblog writters. hey, i might even hear talk about my blog. my quaint little "the good sheep" (which i oddly enough sing to the tune of Good Ship Lollipop in my own pretty little head) would be wonderful. hey, maybe one day, i'll even have a book deal.

but i suppose before all that happens, i'll have to post some pictures and continue to nurture my dear little blog. Which brings me to this question: to have a great knit blog, do i have to be a prolific knitter or a prolific blogger? Can i successfully do one with out the other?

thank goodness for the good sheep!

p.s. add me to your links people, i have high hopes!
p.s again: yes, i will add some photos soon!
oh! and one more thing: leave me a comment-- i'll admit it: i'm vain and love to hear feed back!

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Erica said...

Hi Emily,

Yes! You have a bloggity, blog, blog, blog!

Your question is a good one. I think you can be the best knitter in the world, but if you never post, no one will see it. If you have a knitting blog, but are no longer knitting (unless you are like the 'you knit what' ladies) you probably won't hold the interest of other knitters. Hmm, I guess that isn't true. You could have a blog that blogs about other knitting blogs, knitterly happenings, exchanges, etc. But then you would be more of a reporter and not a knitter. You HAVE to keep knitting. I don't want you sucked so far into the virtual blogging community that you no longer come to Amante on Wednesdays! So, to get back to your question, it is all about balance, but of course that is coming from Super Libra...

I can't wait to see your pictures.