Monday, March 27, 2006

okay. i'm going to start a blog. this is the first entry. i won't even have any pictures for this my very first entry. why, you ask? why make a boring entry with not one single picture? because i just have to type something, anything, to get started. the get the log rolling. i've been trying to get just the "right" photographs, but i can't. i think i need some help. yep, this is boring entry.

as an introduction i can tell you this: five things about me:
  1. i wear the same style dress everyday. i have five of them.
  2. i am still connected to my childhood friends because they are in wonderful books.
  3. i am hopelessley addicted to knitting and forever more will be.
  4. i have two different sheep tape measures, and so i have a collection.
  5. i am a native to the state i live in, and i like it that way.

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