Monday, July 14, 2008

got a little project brewing

i've been a way a while, huh? i guess i'm not feeling feeling very bloggie; like sharing. that's not so say tho, that i'm not spending obsessive amounts of time looking at blogs and spending time on flickr. i am. and i expect updates all the time. but when it come to my own, i'm a slacker.

i've been working on a little sewing project, hoping it will grow into a little income as well. i've been teaching myself to silkscreen print. there's a lesson in patience i should have practiced better, but didn't. i don't feel ready to reveal more, until i have it all in order.

have i mentioned flickr lately? like 800 times. well, i'm enjoying it tons and tons, (that any the 'friend activity' on ravelry. they expanded it, and i get to see so much more.) and i tend to put more pictures there. at this point i'd have to say, that if you want to see more of 'me' that's were the images are. it's the part of this blog i've always enjoyed the most. the pictures.

alright, i think i'm off to try making brown rice pudding with coconut milk.



Paper Tiger said...


That sounds delicious.

Erin said...

I hope you show us some of these things you've been working on!