Monday, June 30, 2008

the game: fiber

the game: fiber, originally uploaded by good little granola girl.

you've seen it here and there... and i wanted to play too. So when i saw the 'fiber edition" i knew it was the one for me.

1. first name: emily marie
2. favorite yarn: beaverslide dry goods
3. first thing you made with yarn: a cotton garter stitch dishcloth
4. favorite color: earth brown
5. which designer do you currently have a crush on: helloyarn (love her flickr stream)
6. your favorite handmade gift you received: a vintage red & white quilt
7. your dream project: a farm. dream big right?!
8. your favorite notion: bamboo knitting needles. can't do much with out that notion.
9. what will you make next: a wool cardigan, maybe like this one even.
10. what do love most about yarn: the variety
11. which one word describes your craft: peacefulness*
12. what is your main inspiration: the simply organic nature of knitting.

* i found this to be extremely challenging as all of my 'one word' descriptions were rather abstract feelings and i'm sorry, but white sandy beaches just didn't fit into my fiber/knitting love.


cosymakes said...

ah... the simply organic nature of knitting. makes me smile.

Erin said...

I just played this game, only the questions were different. Still fun though!

Jennifer said...

Really beautiful photos and commentary. I enjoyed it very much!