Wednesday, December 31, 2008


aunty em diapers are now available at Childish Things in Boulder, Co. This is very exciting! Childish Things is located at 2071 30th St, Boulder Co., 80301. It is on 30th between Pearl St. and Walnut, sort of behind Target. You know i would love to have you buy one of these beauties if you find yourself in Boulder.
cloth diapers: film photographs

in other news: have you done anything about The Handmade Fiasco? If not, please take yourself over here to sign a petition, or over here to vote that this is one of the issues Mr. Obama takes a look at (it is currently #1 in the Economy Topics and voting closes today!). The new Law passed and will go into effect on February 10th if it does not get amended. Ick. If you have had the thought that this really won't effect you or what you make, please take a moment to reconsider that it probably will effect some one you know (me!) who makes something (anything!) for children. You can also click the link on the side bar to read more.

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