Thursday, January 01, 2009

gingerbread girl

gingerbread girl
i'm kind of behind on the holiday-project blogging, but christmas is a season (the lesson i learned this year) so why not share!

i made this gingerbread girl from Alicia Paulson's Ice Skating Afternoon pattern. I found it while searching for holiday felt ornaments on flickr-- looking for inspiration. i pondered over whether or not i should buy it for 3 days. Three Days! I've developed quite a little crush on this Gingerbread Girl. I made this one for my mother but, i think i'm going to have to make one for myself (for year-round enjoyment) when i need a little project.

i hope you and yours had a merry holiday season and enjoying the New Year.

gingerbread girl

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rebecca said...

so, so cute! Nice work. i am all about celebrating christmas all winter long (well, nearly at least). I am still listening to sufijan stevens christmas music. i can never get enough of that. Your projects always look so professional and nicely done, as well as unique and with all the right creative touches. nicely done! we're all moved into our farm now...let the long term major projects begin. (!)