Monday, January 19, 2009

just a blog post

i'm having one of those i-feel-like-blogging-but-don't-know-if-i-have-much-to-say moments. i do have things to say actually.

  • i am currently packing my list of items to be XRF tested tomorrow. somehow, in a meant-to-be-situation, i was invited to be part of a group of local business owners/manufactures getting XRF lead testing done for a small fee. i feel so lucky to have been asked to be part of this testing, since i wasn't quite sure what kind of plan i was going to come up. Turns out, a plan just landed on my computer via Twitter (how i adore thee!). The testing will be valid through august 2009. but i'm still hoping the CPSIA law will get changed, if not totally repealed

  • i got an order for cloth diapers from being on the news. did you watch? did you laugh at me?

  • i have a new store front. Now it's easier than ever to purchase Aunty Em Diapers via Big Cartel. i'm still working on filling in the inventory but so far, so good. and i really like the Big Cartel format.

  • i got a new serger. i'm still getting used to sewing on it but, i really enjoy it. the cloth diaper production is going to be much quicker with the new serged-edges compared to what i was doing before. and the possibilities for future projects feels limitless. Finished egde? Here I come!

  • taking a zillion photographs of my paper-whites. they were so cool to watch while they grew and changed. they have past their peak now, and are totally unmanageable. such a lovely arrangement to have on the table despite cold temperatures and nothing but brown 'foliage' every where in site.

  • Knitting: i am managing to get some done, despite non-stop CPSIA watches and sewing. I am working on the garter yoke cardigan (rav. link) from the winter issue of Knit.1. But i don't have any progress pictures to share with you at the moment.

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