Tuesday, December 09, 2008

thanks ya'll

so this whole time, or least lately, i sort of thought that no one read this little old inconsistent blog. but then i posted about my new venture, Aunt Em Diapers, and i got all sorts of hits over there. It was wonderful watching the stats counter move up up up all day! So, i've come to the conculsion that this here blog does indeed have a visitor or more. and that makes me very happy indeed. And if you were one of those that got my email too, double thanks. The diaper business is very small, but i hoping that with the internet community, my friends and theirs it will grow a little bit. I also really want to focus on Local and perhaps, just maybe, I can sell my diapers in a few store in Boulder. I find it tremendously important to support local, handmade folks.

aunty em diapers

I am one of those that love photographs: i could just eat them up. So if you are curious to see more of the diaper photos, please head on over to the flickr and see them all. I did all the photography and film and a manual camera. And then do please, feel free to send them along to anyone you think might also be interested.

thanks to all my little birdies for spreading the word.

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Paper Tiger said...

The cute! I can't handle the cute!