Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas: the holiday note

2008: road trip, originally uploaded by good little granola girl.

i sent this photography and a short note to family and friends in snail-mail version. But i only did 36 of those family and friends to save a bit of money. So, for all the other friends i have out there in internet-land i wanted to share it with you as well!

merry christmas to one and all. we hope you are well. i haven’t written a christmas letter in a few years so i thought it was time for an update. This year’s ‘theme’ was Road Trip. In May we drove to N. Carolina to meet our newest (and first) nephew, Max. He is really cute in all of his baby-goodness, and we held him a lot while we were there. being with family we don’t see too often was really nice. and did i mention holding the baby a lot? our next road trip took us to Nebraska to help my parents tow a late 1940’s spartan manor trailer back to colorado. my dad has since sold it, but it made for a fun, vintage (we even slept in it one night), laid back road trip (because one has to drive slow-ish when towing such a trailer). when september rolled around tom and i took a ‘driving tour’ of southwest colorado (and moab too). we camped, i took a zilllion photographs, and tom drove and drove and drove.

boulder is nice. i work as a nanny with 2 charismatic children. tom is still at REI. Throw in some knitting (for me) and bicycle tinkering (for tom) and that’s another year here at our home.

we hope you had a lovely holiday season (although, it is not over yet.)

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