Sunday, March 25, 2007

it's probably terrible to post such a thing, but finding a worm in the gardens at work recently was the exact glimmer of spring we all needed. it's predicted to snow LOTS in the next few days-- so the gardens will have to wait a while longer. on the knitting front i can now show you 2 more of the log cabin moderne baby blankets i made (crappy photos, sorry). both made from brown sheep cotton fleece, size US 6 needles.
one for alex
and one for erica

the third is for katie, who received her's with the needles still on, cause honestly, i have until june to finish it-- and i'm gonna take advantage of the time.

sure there's more going on (like the 3 times i had to restart my rusted root... thank the knitting gods that Meike started one too and i was totally inspired to try it again. oh, the all the new yarn i am the proud mama of. okay.. that's another post.) bye.


Cathi said...

Those are gorgeous, Emily! How many sks of each color did you use?

al said...

wow, you are on a roll with the blankets! nice!

shirleyknits said...

Your moderne baby blankets are gorgeous. I love the colours! Great job!

Kay said...

It makes me so happy to see all the beautiful log cabins over here......xox Kay

Anonymous said...

Blankets are beautiful. What edging did you use? I'm finishing up one now and would like to use it. Do you have a pattern?