Thursday, May 24, 2007


organic cotton baby blanket off to another babe (4th of 5th blanket to 2007 baby, tho i might just do a 6th for the school auction this summer. i'll keep ya "posted").

slip stitch pattern using 2 color-grown colors of Blue Sky Alpaca's Organic Cotton (i retained its chemical free nature by washing it in the machine with Boulder Laundry Detergent) on size US 8 needle. Garter stitch border. Used approx. 4 skeins of each color.

Cotton Comfort Sweater:

i'm simply in love

raglan/cap sleeve style from the neck down. picot-hem edges on sleeve, collar and bottom edge.

natural wood buttons along a garter stitch placet.

length to top of hip. gathered style waist in front and back.

fits like perfection.

did i mention this is my own design and pattern.

Cotton Comfort from Green Mountain Spinnery (and yes, i retained its chemical free nature by washing it in Soak before lighting blocking), approx. 8 skeins, size US 6 needles, and last but not least, i didn't write a damn thing down about it-- i figured it all out as i went knitting along.


Paper said...

The sweater is fantastic! There's one picture of the blanket I absolutely love--it almost gives me vertigo, it looks like the Victoria Falls of baby blankets.

Webbies said...

Great sweater---isn't it great to make something so creative and unique that is a "1 in a million"....I love the individuality that can be created with knitting

Amy said...

Hi Emily,
I stop by every once in awhile and I always love what you make! This cotton sweater is no exception. It is great!

Anonymous said...

girl, that sweater is STINKIN ADORABLE. i would love to see some more shots (because, sniff sniff, I cant see it in person!)

Meike said...

I just love how the sweater turned out! It is so beautiful!
I know, we do have to go knitting sometime - I've been m.i.a. for so long with all the travelling.

Jenifer said...

Beautiful projects! I just really love that sweater ... are you going to post the pattern? It reminds me of the classic baby matinee jacket ... and I've always wanted one of my own. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, that sweater is absolutely gorgeous. congrats on making your own -- love the color.