Thursday, July 05, 2007

we are back from our bicycle tour of colorado: steamboat springs, walden, winterpark, copper mountain, leadville and kremmling... and back to steamboat springs.

upon arriving in 'the boat' we visited Moots headquarters.

and this gentleman was making ice cream, powered by a bike, of course!

camping in steamboat springs the first night it became obvious in about two seconds that this was not going to be The Tour of Colorado, but rather, The Tour de 'Skeeto, as we all experienced about 10 more mosquito bites than preferred. i quickly searched for the bug repellent and anti-itch cream (i'm a total weenie when it come to itchy bites).

here is Gould (a tiny place 20 miles outside of Walden, also tiny): we got a million more bites.

Oh, hail! No 'skeeters here. This is atop Loveland pass-- after freezing rain and the biggest bolts of lighting i've ever seen (one mountain top away!) we had hail twice; the weather is crazy in The Rocky Mountains (use your best announcer voice for that!). Cyclist were seeking shelter everywhere, including port-o-johns (we saw three bicycles leaning against one, leading us to presume there were at least 3 people hiding out in there...ewwwwww).

i spent most of my week assuming the position: drive approx. 20 miles, park safely, knit, greet tom with water/heed mixture, and bug repellent, repeat.

alas, we reach the end after 6 days of riding (+ 1 rest day in Copper), 8 mountain passes, crossed the Continental Divide 6 times, countless itchy 'skeeto bites, one shoulder partially sunburned, 4 nights of camping and 3 nights with a roof over our heads, returning to Steamboat.
and just for grins, this is Mt. Werner; we'd like to think it is OURS!

next post: knitting projects in review.


Erin said...

Despite the hail and the squiters and the sunburn... it still sounds like heaven!

kate said...

Wow. I almost forgot how beautiful Colorado was.

(and while I was reading the post, I thought "Emily rode all those miles!?!".. as soon as I saw the photo of you knitting I got it! Lucky you!)