Friday, September 21, 2007

the homemade home-front continues. earlier this week i found myself at a local farm stand asking the farm-stand helper, "how many pounds of apples are in a box?" he didn't really know, so he popped the whole box on the scale. "About 25, " he replied. "well, then. I want the whole box, " I told him. "Someone must like apples," he said.

why did i want a whole box of organic gala apples from the western slopes of colorado?

"I'm making applesauce."
"Someone must really like applesauce."
"Well there's three of us making applesauce," i quipped back, a little bothered that he comment on my whole box of apples. i don't believe for a moment that i am the first or last person to buy the entire box of apples.

We made fantastic, organic, local, applesauce. (i'm calling it local because most Colorado apples come from the western slope. and while we did try to make an appointment to pick our apples from a much more local {i.e. the next town to the north} farm, the farm did not return my requests in time. ) Nearly 17 pints full of tasty, fresh and smooth applesauce. and there's nothing else in it except good memories, friendship and homemade local taste.

(i might have a crush on my applesauce.)

it's scrumptious-- i i love that autumn is here!


Erin said...

That is so great! I love homemade apple sauce too!

Katie said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Ravelry ~ what a great way to find people!

Have you tried making apple butter? That's a favorite project of mine. Letting it slowly cook for many hours fills the house with amazing smells, and it's another way to indulge in apple love!

Anna-Liza said...

Is there something wrong with having a crush on your applesauce? I, personally, have a crush on the huge vat of chicken soup I just made and froze for the coming cooler weather.

Mmmmmm, applesauce!