Saturday, November 17, 2007

"prevention is the best medicine"

it would appear that there is A Cold out there in blog land. that's an enormous blanket statement. but let me just say that it seems many people have been sick and so clearly, The Junk is spreading. That being said, i'd like to leave you with my favorite things to take when i might be getting The Crud.

First Up: Kick Ass Immune. (apparently, there has a been a name change, i liked the old one. it made me feel bad ass, thus unable to get a wimpy old cold. bring it! i'll kick your virus ass with herbs! take that!)

This one is great when you feel that little bit off and the voice in your head says, "i'm feeling odd. might i be getting sick?" Yes, you probably are, and you'd better take something now. And then you should bulk up.

time to kick up the good stuff. what i like about these, compared to other zinc products, is the addition of echinacea, bee pollen (wonder of the world, what can't bee pollen do for your body?!) and slippery elm, which coats your [now] slightly scratchy throat. what i don't like is the semi- metallic taste i have in my mouth at the end of the day, after taking several. That's okay tho, because i wash it all down with: yogi tea Cold Season.
it's got a ginger taste and something else wonderful and with a healthy glug of honey poured in, it's really rather good. my experience with some other cold and throat teas is the overwhelming licorice taste, which I DO NOT LIKE! it turns me off from using teas to help prevent or heal. ick. licorice. i know it's good for you, but really, ick!

and there you have it, some of my favorite things for cold prevention.

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Anonymous said...

what is your opinion of taking bee pollen when allergic to bees (but addicted to honey?)