Wednesday, December 05, 2007

well, hello there. how's your holiday crafting going?

mine is delicate balance of stitching. just enough to keep me busy, not so much to burn me out. this is going to be ornaments. i hate that pink hoop. ick.

this morning i was so excited to get back to my feather and fan shawl. lots of knitting the night before had finally gotten me to the end-of-the-tails section. i was all set to start the feather and fan lace with my new color.
this morning however, i thought it best to double check the instructions before whipping that new color into the mix. sure enough. there was more work to be done on the tails section in the dark brown (which by the way i just found more of, while going through the-stash-that-lives-in-the-garage this weekend. it was a complete surprise to find more. turns out i needed it.) by doing another set of eyelet rows.

with those few (but forever taking) rows done, i can finally say that i have started the feather and fan lace section in the next color. how glorious it is!

and that's the latest.

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Erin said...

Those look like they'll be some very cute ornaments!