Saturday, September 13, 2008

black and white film

My creation, originally uploaded by good little granola girl.

so, i have this pentax k1000 camera from high school-- from when i was pursuing photography in and the photo editor for the school paper. i learned to develop film and print photographs. i had a few other successful photography adventures as well. but then i just sort of stopped using it. sure i had other cameras: a fancy (to me) canon eos that was more automatic and a canon elf that used that funny drop-in style film.

and then the whole digital fun began. i stopped using film all together. i quickly adjusted to the insta-quality of digital and downloaded/uploaded photos to my hearts content. who needs film when you can take endless photographs?

but then i remembered my simple pentax. i got it down off the shelf, dusted it off and replaced the battery. i decided i wanted to take some real black and white photos. i bought film, loaded it into the camera and promptly but it back on the shelf.

it sat there for about another year.

then i started looking at cafemama's flickr. she uses film, get's her pictures scanned and then uploads them to flickr. i love the texture and richness of her photographs. her images are simply and beautiful. i'm convinced it's the film.

so when i needed to do a little project that required a little photo shoot (that i wanted to look different from all the other digital stuff) i knew i needed to use film. and my simple yet elegant, pentax camera. it's totally manual, but i definitely enjoyed planning out my shots. i had to use the black and white film that was already loaded into the camera. these shots are what turned out.

i am in love.

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Meike said...

I love you black & white pictures! This spring, I built a darkroom in my friend's basement, and it's so wonderful to see what come out of there. Keep it up!