Sunday, March 08, 2009

mama & me, circa 1981

i'm not sure what i want to say here. just that i wanted to post this picture on March 8, one week from my birthday. i've been reminding myself to this on this day, so that i could get the timing just right.

also, a little reminder: the 28% off sale, at The Shop, ends today so if you wanted to order something for a great price, do it today. The sale includes 28% off items that are already marked On Sale (wow! cheap!).

i hope you all are enjoying March. I certainly am. I made myself (and the husband) a second birthday cake to keep the celebration going all week long. The weather has been unseasonably warm so there has been a lot of time spent outside as well. In some places the crocuses are up-- soon to be filled with snow i am sure.

as i type this i am listening to a wee bit of Irish fiddle, flute and pipes. St. Patrick's Day, another favorite holiday, will be here shortly. Another tasty meal and celebration and the baking of (american-ized) Irish Soda Bread. Did you know i used to be an Irish Step Dancer? My favorite part of St. Patrick's Day was performing this time of year-- at pubs, and senior citizen's homes. I love going to see them, because it didn't matter if you got your Steps mixed up. Most started to clap their hand and move their feet-- remembering their own happy times of lively dancing. Oh, the power of music.

okay, i'm kind of rambling and reflecting.

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