Tuesday, April 28, 2009

oh, hey.

i forgot to tell ya'll that i finished a sweater. well, this is not news if you see the photos on ravelry, or if you follow my photostream on flickr. but what the heck, i'll talk about it here as well.

this is the garter stitch yoke sweater (rav link), designed by the very talented melissa LaBarre. i saw this in her ravelry before she got it published and knew that would finally be the right design to go with my beautiful beaverslide dry goods mctaggert tweed yarn.

i actually knit this twice. the first time i put in too many button holes, too close to the edge of the button placket. and because the buttonholes where put in-as-you-knit the entire sweater, i couldn't fix them too easily. well, i could have sewn them up and cut new ones in, but i couldn't bring myself to do that. so i pulled the whole thing out, and reknit it with buttonhole placement that was better from me.

i also really like the short(er) sleeve although the first night i was wearing it, i dunked the sleeve in the peanut butter spread for a sandwich. i know how to avoid that now. hehe.

and just when i think, whew, it's too hot for this sweater, it snows the next day, so it has gotten a lot of wear in just one month of spring.

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