Sunday, January 07, 2007

Random Thoughts:

  • i wanted to show a picture of the holiday ornament that is inspiring my Nordic sweater. The swatch is still in the "swatching" form-- which means i haven't done anything new to it. I'll keep ya posted. I used Cascade 220 for my swatch but now i am wondering if i want to use Knit Picks Telemark (i think might be better for a "two layer" garment and way cheaper), or O~wool's Classic (i think the yarn is too thick?)-- both would require some new swatching for mathematical sake.
  • During the time at home i took a small break from gift knitting to make myself a Calorimetry. It took a little knittin'-and-rippin' to get a good size and the short row holes resolved. I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran on size US 6 needles and by mere chance had a perfectly-pink button in my jar. And by golly, it sure does help to keep me warm when i have my hair pulled up.
  • And i feel i need to make a public statement: hi my name is emily and i am a yarn snob.I got a Lion Brand catalog in the mail the other day. Now while i am a yarn snob, i do not refuse to look through a catalog, but didn't think i would be interested in anything.Well lookie there: Lion Brand has Organic Cotton! (which i would happily link you to, but can not find it on their site-- hmm?) Hot damn! "Now i can get loads of organic cotton on the cheap, " i cleverly thought to myself. Let's do a little math shall we?
  • Lion Brand Organic Cotton: 82 yards at $6.99 per skein would be $0.085 per yard.
  • Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton: 150 yards at ~$9.75 per skein (that's what i paid just recently) would be $0.065 per yard.
  • Henry's Attic Inca Cotton (100% organic): 650 yards at $21.00 per bag (you have to order in bags, 2 hanks per bag) would be $0.032.
  • Clearly i should be ordering from Discount Yarn Sales for my organic "fix", but that yarn is slightly thick and thin. So, I am happy to report that I can continue to be a snob and buy Blue Sky Alpacas and not completely through money away.
  • I was knitting in the tea shop the other day. I was approached my a child curious about my knitting. She smiled at me, i half smiled back. Then she came over and sat down right next to me, with out talking to her mother, and proceeded to interview me about knitting and what i was making. I thought the whole experience was a little odd, given the mother's complete lack of attention to her child. Then is struck me: this is clearly a child raised in a "It takes a Village" mentality. She was a Village-child. And then they left.
That's all for now. I'll try to post again before another entire month goes by.


Paper Tiger said...

There are so many Village children here...

Jenifer said...

Hey Emily! It was great catching up with you last night. Cute headwarmer! I need a new one ... my panta is looking a little ratty. PS -- try Catnip yarns for Henry Attic organic cotton ... I think they have the best deals on HA yarns. Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Cashmerino was an excellent choice for your headwarmer. Sooo nice and it doesn't itch! Gotta love it.

Diane said...

Hi Emily,
I too perked up when I saw the Lion Brand Organic Cotton, but realized I had a bunch of Henry's Attic Organic cotton sittin' in my stash, in such a beautiful color and realized that what I've got is the most affordable. I would like to check out the Lion Brand sometime though. I love your Calorimetry! I never went back and made mine over again, but will soon.
I now have your blog bookmarked and will check in on you more often.

keri said...

I am soo glad to know that I am not the only one who calculates cost per yarn in deciding which yarn to use!

It's amazing that often the more "brand name" yarns like Blue sky or Rowan actually turn out cheaper.