Sunday, January 28, 2007

Apparently, Anne and i have more than knitting in common. we went to Eldora today for the thrill of trying to stay up right while on cross-country skis. it was great. i fell a lot. i still think i love my new sport. driving down the canyon, i announced, "oh my lungs feel so good with all the mountain air!" anne, probably thinks i am a dork .

the knitting front is good and busy (except for the "injury" i received while at an eatery this evening. i sort of pinched and tore a hunk of skin out of my left pointer finger-- also known as the dependable pointer finger that pushes the knitting needle. i can sort of do it with my 'tall man' or if my pointer is wrapped in a wad of band-aids. ) but i must admit that with all the babies arriving, i won't be posting many pictures of it all-- until it's been received. i can tell you this: 5 blankets needed; two blankets done!

oh and to add to my nordic winter, i now am the proud (down right beaming!) of this-- i thought i was going to have to make a 'special' trip to Telluride-- the last place i had laid my pretty little hands on it!


Paper Tiger said...

Ow ow ow about the finger!!

I most definitely don't think you're a dork! I think you're an adventurous good sport. I had such a good time yesterday.

Meike said...

How did you manage to get your finger? Sounds painful!
Your new water bottle is fantastic! I love it!

Elizabeth said...

that is one sweet sigg bottle.

just wanted to stick my head in, say hey, and let you know i've enjoyed reading along with your blog since i found it. i am also 25 and work in childcare (currently same age groups: infants & toddlers at a therapeutic day care) and have a newfound love for knitting.

hope you have an excellent weekend...


Erin said...

Hope your finger heals up quick! It's no good to be out of commission when all those baby blankets need to be knit!