Sunday, February 04, 2007

i had another ski day today. what's that you say? You're wondering if it was windy? Just a little. Oh, yeah, part of the mountain was closed. Why? Gust of 100 mph at the top. As for the nordic skiing? well... let's just say that my 'ski day' turned out to be a day of knitting in the truck.

Yep, that wind (and icy packed snow) isn't for me yet. i'm still a fair weather skier ( i got about 100 yards away from the nordic center)

i was pretty disappointed. i wanted to feel that 'good mountain air in my lungs' again.

but the knitting was good.

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Paper Tiger said...

Bummer!! I wanted to get in some skiing this weekend, but it's mostly melted at North Boulder Park (the grass shows through), and instead of going up today I went to visiting hours. Maybe I'll take a lesson next weekend...