Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm all about the ski weekends-- this one landed us at Devil's Thumb outside of Winter Park and Fraser. It was beautiful. Just when we thought we would go a whole week without snow fall, we got some flurries during our time outdoors.
I have however received a new "injury" (this one will not effect knitting, whew!) a lovely red blister that i managed to tear open while skiing. lovely.
in knit-knews: i'm makin' burp cloths. they're easy and functional. and for a gift. edit: i used the pattern from the Mason-Dixon book, size US 6 needles and cotton sugar 'n creme yarn.
gotta run, Rome is on.


Paper Tiger said...

Yikes--sorry about the blister! That looks like a nasty one. I was planning to go up to Eldora but wound up visiting cousins instead. (How'd it get to be Monday again already?)

Meike said...

That place you went looks great! Now I want to go snowshoeing there.
Too bad about your blister - last time we went skiing, my boot was pressing on my toe so hard, it turned the whole toe nail black. So I haven't been since, because it's terribly painful, so I know how you feel!

Cora said...

I just found your site and those burp cloths are awesome. I've got friends with new babies and would love to know your pattern.

Erin said...

Ouchy! Blisters are no fun, but yay for having a good ski day! Cute cloths too! (I think I can guess who they're going to be for!)