Sunday, January 13, 2008

caps for nova

during all the holiday knitting i made nova a darling little hat. it was totally inspired by lotte-- so sweet and fair, i knew i had to make one. she looks that-much-more-elf-like in her red snowsuit, but she hates sitting around in it. so it really wasn't worth all the fuss for a simple photo.

specs: Sweet Baby Cap, size US 1 and 2 needles, a wee bit of shetland jumper weight yarn in two shades.

earlier, in the fall, i made her a baby heart hat because... well, when you know a sweet baby they need sweet baby heart hats, right. now i have photographs (because we were having a little photo session).

the pattern is from Piecework, march/april 1999. but it was adapted from a pattern in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop.
I used two different color-grown shades of organic cotton and size US 6 needles.

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kate said...

i love that cute striped little hat. It is definately on my list of things to knit! Is that the little girl you nanny for?