Sunday, January 06, 2008

so, it's 2008

apparently, it's all the rage in the New Year to have blog post. it's high time i posted one of my own. mostly i have picture to show this time. enjoy.
with knitting and a good fire on christmas night.

a lovely bloom
i created a workspace all my own.
a hat for nova-- i'll have to get a shot of her wearing it, adorable.
the shawl continues to grow.
a new sweater for tom. we call The Old Man Sweater. this picture was take prematurely. i had to pull it back to where you see that other yarn running through ( i had thought i might need to do it, and i didn't want to pick up all those stitches. i never pulled the yarn holder out when i started to join the arms to the torso). turns out i made the torso too short and the sleeves too small. now, i have the length proper and 1 new sleeve made, with the second on needles.

the woolest mittens ever
very wooley thrummed mittens: a christmas gift to my mother.

the end. happy stitching in 2008.

in the next post: my new quilt project and what was the search for the perfect image transfer to fabric.


Meike said...

Wow, Emily, you've been so busy! I especially love the mittens. Hope to see you soon!

Erin said...

Thrummed mittens seem perfect with all that snow!