Thursday, February 26, 2009

hey, i know her! kinda. 'cause she blogs.

i'm feeling kind of star-struck. maybe that's not the right term. anyway, let me tell you why: the family i work as a nanny for has a subscription to Mothering magazine (well, the Mom does) and i often bring their mail into the house. Well, when i saw the cover (not up on their site just yet) i recognized it quickly... from Ravelry. Oh those Knitters on Ravelry! what a fun community. This is the rav link to the photograph on the cover- the girl with the crystal blue eyes!

then i continued to look at the cover and noticed the issue is focused on crafts, handmade and some crafty moms (naturally). Well, low and behold, those crafty moms are some of my favorite (!!!) daily blog reads: Amanda Blake Soule of SouleMama, Amy Karol of Angry Chicken and Sally of Shim + Sons.

Of course, I don't know these women personally, but the medium of blogging, especially with a post everyday, certainly makes me feel like i know them (i hope that isn't creepy). I have been following some of these blogs for years now and thoroughly enjoy what they have to say and share. and i love that they invite us into their homes, to see their children grow and change and share their daily thoughts with us. all of us readers. Seeing them featured in Mothering Magazine made me really happy and a little bit of that feeling of "i know her!"

thanks ladies. i'm so happy to see you in the pages of the magazine and to be able to read your blogs each time you post. You often make my day and give me limitless inspiration.

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