Saturday, February 21, 2009

ten things i didn't blog about

  1. CPSIA National Bankruptcy Day: february 10th 2009. and the press conference i attended that day. hosted by the best cheerleader a small business could ask for.
  2. making yummy strawberry rice-krispie treats. yes, i eat like a 7 year old.
  3. the gnomes i made for Gnome swap on ravelry. you can see them here. i have yet to photograph the gnome i received.
  4. my almost-finished garter stitch yoke sweater (rav. link). it was finished until i realized i didn't want 12 buttons on it (i messed that one up.). and then i couldn't bring myself to cut (a la elizabeth zimmermann) button holes into it. so i pulled the whole thing out. and now i am doing it again... with six button holes.
  5. the 3rd time i have strep this season. ugh.
  6. the loverly valentine's day i had.
  7. how much i enjoy the 'contacts' section of my flickr account and the 'friend activity' on ravelry.
  8. the time i spend watching #CPSIA on twitter . but now i do it fast with TweetDeck
  9. missing my self inflicted dead-line for having a red sweater finished by 2/14-- complete with heart-shaped elbow patches.
  10. having several diaper orders from here and here.
  11. (one more for good luck) seeing a former boulder knit-night knitter, kate gagnon & her newish business in KnitScene. congratulations!

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Kate said...


i cannot wait to see the heart shaped elbow patches. too cute.