Sunday, April 16, 2006

I'm in the West, but I too, can enjoy a little Mason Dixon Knitting

I got me'self a good ol' copy of the spanky new book! I am very excited (read: ready to abandon all current knitting projects at this very moment!) I however, will have to show some decent amount of self control (more to come on that soon.) Nonetheless, there are several projects/photograph/clever catchie paragraphs that have my creative juices flowing and my knittin' fingers itchin' (i.e. the message that runs through this book. Yep, i get it!)

here lies the moses basket that one day will be mine. i love this idea and WILL NOT forget it. Ever!
These bibs/burp cloths are pure genius. Yes, a rectangle with a button is genius! I want to make several for the babes i take care of (feed) daily in the nursery room at work. They are much more tactile and aesthitically pleasing than the crunchy plastic and velcro ones we currently use (and i currently can not stand! ick!) Not to mention easy to wash and bleach if made from regular cotton twine or Peaches 'n Creme cotton yarn.

This project makes me want to find colored pencils fast and get to sketchin'. And then get to finding some wonderful yarn. The only thing keeping me from casting on this very moment: i do not posses a rainbow of colors in my yarn stash to create such a beauty.

i do however, have all the cotton twine for this here rug... and a healthy fabric stash to make rag balls with. The rug is something i do plan on doing in the future-- a rag ball here, a rag ball there, here a rag ball, there a rag ball, every where i rag ball ( i have a lot of rag balls to make!)

See? here's some great fabric... and that tub is full of more... and there is more in the garage!


Jenifer said...

I have yet to see the book ... I can't wait!

Erica said...

Can you bring your new book to amante on Wed? It looks really good. I agree with you on the genius of the bibs based on your post. Genius and attractive.