Tuesday, April 18, 2006


it's not that it is a very bad day at work-- it's just rather noisey. someone won't stop crying and the whole room is feeling it.. and hearing it! And i am so over hearing it. (these are not the babies i am responseable for between 8:30 and 5:30-- they are just random found images.)

On a knitting note: I have entered Stockinette Island.
This is Libby Baker's Hush-Hush. I love her designs, and she loves stockinette (I should say here that i have been reading her blog for quiet awhile and find her immensely talented, witty and an lovely poet. She also lives in the same town i grew up in {we've had a little discussion about the public education system in that town...} and so i feel a certain kindredness to her. One day i'll meet her in person and we'll compare knit-notes.)I enjoy knitting to no end, but i hope i make it through all the stockinette. The finished goody is a bridal gift for my cousin this summer-- which means i have to stay on Stockinette Island (Knitting Survivor: out smart, out knit-wit, out play-- the finished project will be worth a million bucks! And to make matters more tempting, the new Mason Dixon Knitting book is filled with beautiful, quick, and highly inspiring projects. Too bad i'm not play on the Garter Stitch Team making log cabin quilts and baby bibs with burb cloths) See that beautiful stitching! That is some stellar 3/2 Perle Cotton on US 2 needles. Truely tho, the finished result will be beauty!!

If only I could sit and knit all day and not soothe someone else's child(which only gets to me on the really bad days! trust me, i love my job almost everyday.)

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duchessofgravity said...

your tension really is beautiful there! lovely stitches and color! your cousin is lucky. good to see you guys again last night! always fun to knit :)