Sunday, April 30, 2006

one skein, one day
well it didn't even take a whole day, or a whole skein, but such a treat nonetheless. (and just because i haven't posted in "forever" doesn't mean i haven't been knittin')
these are MasonDixon Knitting washcloths (they knit up in a matter of hours!). The blueish one is sugar 'n creme cotton (cheap, but practical) and the pinkish one is cotton chenille. they are a joy to knit and fun too. I plan to give them to my Mother and Aunt's for Mother's Day tied up with a bar of soap (as illustrated in the book, a ribbon fits beautifully through the eyelet row and the wash cloth becomes a little sachet). two done, two more to go!
These are the Petal Bibs, from One Skein. Knit in sugar 'n creme cotton yarn (again, extremely practical for a wash 'n wear bib.) I made them for Violet, at the tender age of ONE year old (i find it very fitting, One skein project for a one year old.) for a birthday present. These were easy t.v. knitting for an evening-- i even figured out a little trick for them: Knit the petals on a 16 inch circ. needle starting with a large petal, make another large petal, make a small petal, and then two large petals. Doing it this way means all your petals are in the right order and easy to join in one knit row. I also worked in all little ends as i worked the first knit-join row and saved on some of the finishing. I'm normally not one to block finished goods, but these bibs look much better once they are blocked.
This is the baby lace hat using Lush, also from One Skein. The lace pattern was not charted so i made one. In doing that i found a small decrease error in the pattern, and was able to make the appropiate changes. The skein of Lush that i had wasn't full when i started the hat, and i didn't even use the whole bit that i had. I made the 12-18 mos. size, also for Violet's birthday.

In other (picture less ) news: I have been working on a Mason Dixon burb cloth (such a joy-- so simple, so refreshing, so caring and if i can talk myself out of keeping them for my own hope-chest, they will be for a auction at work) and the stockinette section of Hush-hush (it just keeps going and going an going. but i am making progress!)


Anne said...

If you send in your correction, maybe they'll fix the pattern for the next printing... Come to think of it, I know what to bring you--my Sugar & Creme cotton!

Jenifer said...

Thanks for sharing the tips on how to make that bib! Your projects are so cute ... I need to make myself some of those as well. :) (My new motto for babies: hats and bootees and bibs, no sweaters ... we'll see if I can stick to it!)

Esther said...

I love this book! I've made a gazillion of the dishcloths and am going to start making some of the handtowels. Your cloths are gorgeous!