Friday, May 19, 2006

100 (or so) things about me:
1. i don't know where to start....
2. i learned to knit in elementary school during Knitting club
3. knitting club turned into let's-draw-on-the-chalk-board club
4. i started knitting with my knitting teacher again when i was 20.
5. she gave be a beautiful Longaberger basket when i got married.
6. i love the Longaberger building!
7. i also learned to sew when i was 7.
8. i only make one quilt pattern-- but i love it. i've made 7 of them.
9. i machine piece my quilts, but refuse to machine quilt them.
10. i taught myself to hand quilt. i don't know if i do it correctly.
11. i bring my knitting basket to work-- everyday!
12. it is my security blanket.
13. i like to wear long cotton skirts that take yards and yards of fabric to make.
14. i make most of the cloths i wear in the winter
15. in the winter i have "Dress Season"
16. "Dress Season" looks like i am having "1800's season"
17. During "1800's season", I use a cell phone, a credit card, drive a large vechile and live a modern life. It's just the cloths that look "period".
18. "1800's season" get's too hot for the summer.
19. i am educated in Early Childhood Education.
20. i needed more that a High School diploma, so I have an AGS and some certificates.
21. i take care of small children monday thru friday.
22. they are just learning to walk.
23. that last one wasn't really about me.
24. i'm trying to recylce more often-- and as much as i can.
25. i like to spend time in the health food store, even if i don't have much to buy. it just smells good.
26. i have a small collection of Burt's Bees products; i wish it was a large one.
27. i have a love affair with homemade oatmeal soap.
28. i worked at the Denver Museum of Natural History, before it became the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
29. i had a really long job title, i don't remember it any more. but i do remember all the behind-the-scenes tid-bits i learned. i did photo-research and acquasitions.
30. the woman who hired me at the Museum completely took me under her wing.
31. i lived with her after a while.
32. it was the first time i moved out of my parent's house.
33. She died 7 months later-- i was one of her care-takers; she called me her companion.
34. i moved into my first apartment the same week she died. I got her furniture. My apartment looked liked her home.
35. she died the 8th day of July.
36. my Grandfather died in September.
37. age 19-21 was not enjoyable; i was depressed.
38. i went to an herbalist for lactose intolerance and "nervous" stomach remedies.
39. i felt much better-- i still do.
40. i lost contact with a friend i wish i hadn't.
41. i think about that friend a lot.
42. i once lived in a small mountain town.
43. i left that town to be close to my boyfriend.
44. he is now my husband.
45. i miss living in that mountain town.
46. i want to move to another mountain town-- with my husband!
47. i cut off 18 inches of my hair to donate to Locks of Love.
48. i am growing my hair long now.
49. i think i'll keep it.
50. i love braids, in lots of different styles, but i don't think i am good at fixing my hair.
51. i like a little clutter- it makes life interesting.
52. i'd like to read more books-- but i won't cut into my knitting time.
53. i don't like to pick "favorites"-- i can never choose just one.
54. i'm a little jealous of how clever my cousin was to name his cat Beatrix.
55. i don't have any pets right now.
56. i want to learn to be a better cook.
57. i love the smell of beeswax-- i like to inhale the biggest sniff i can.
58. i certainly enjoy chocolate crossiants
59. i like having breakfast for dinner-- eggs benedict is one of my favorites.
60. i'm planning on having an herb-garden this summer. it was my husband's idea. i love it!
61. i like earth-tone colors
62. i love the desert in the very early morning-- but not in the heat of the day.
63. i like eating cereal for dinner in the summer. my husband thinks that is lazy. i don't care.
64. i love frozen confections
65. i'll eat almost anything if is has a strawberry with it.
66. i like all the berries.
67. one of my favorite children's books is Jamberry.
68. if i had more room i would collect children's picture books.
69. if i were a superhero my "power" would be being able to do anything like a pro the first time-- and look good doing it.
70. i believe our public education system is not appropriate for boys.
71. i would like to be a Waldorf teacher.
72. I have a new friend who also loves Anne of Green Gables; we have had many converstations about our affection.
73. i didn't think i would have friend like that when i grew up-- i am thrilled!
74. i would like to be a mother like Mrs. March from Little Women.
75. i don't like to use lotion on my hands; i prefer balms or salves.
76. i wish i had land to have a healthy vegatable and flower garden.
77. when i visit the living museum, other patrons ask me if i work there.
78. i wished i lived there!
79. i must have a 4x4 vehicle to drive;i laugh and call it my "covered wagon"
80. i love chapstick and lip balm-- but i always loose them and have cracked lips nonetheless.
81. i was married in October-- 1 day after my brother-in-laws secret wedding and 2 days after my grandparents wedding anniversary.
82. my family (and extended) had one week notice to attend the wedding-- it was not shot gun wedding!
83. i have a large fabric stash in addition to my yarn stash.
84. i like to keep the little bits of yarn i have when i weave in ends in a mason jar.
85. i like to cut specific pictures of hands out of magazines. I glue them into a black art book,
86. i made a collection of poems about sheep into a book.
87. i cut pictures out of magazines, save them in a folder and use them for tags, cards and labels on evelopes; i usually don't have the image i want.
88. i have not traveled much.
89. i took several years of Irish Step Dancing classes; i also competed
90. i thought i would move to Ireland one day too.
91. i have brown hair, brown eyes and keep my fingernails short.
92. i do not wear nail polish
93. i don't really wear make-up either
94. if i didn't work in early childhood education, i would like to be a ceramicist.
95. i don't like to watch people sing on t.v.
96. i love television: deadwood, sopranos, big love, sons and daughters, the office, how i met your mother, lost (tho i have a love/hate relationship with you) and the amazing race are all regularly watched with affection.
97. i don't often go to the movies
98. i like my music mellow and acustic, unless i am angry, and then i like it loud.
99. tom says i am becoming a junior dead-head. i don't agree.
100. all is well in life right now. i've grown a lot and expect to do more.
101. i think i'll come back to this in a year... or so.


1Skein Secret Pal said...

Ahh, data mining. Thank you! :-)

1. That basket building is AWESOME. I've never seen that before.

2. I LOVE The Office. I wish I was friends with Pam and Jim.

3. I have been concerned about where we would school our future kids...public, no; home, probably no; private, iffy; montessori, um, maybe....I'd never heard of the Waldorf schools and they sound PERFECT. I'm SO GLAD you're my pal - I might never have heard about that type of school. (We don't live in a town near one, but we will move!!)

Paper Tiger said...

I love Anne of Green Gables! (How could I not--she spells her name properly...) I read all of them several times as a child, though it's been years and I've probably forgotten a ton. I liked some of Montgomery's other series, too--Pat of Silver Beech, the Story Girl...

Erica said...

I enjoyed reading your list. It is the nosy person in me that wants to see all the images you collect. I do love learning new things about friends!