Tuesday, May 16, 2006

catching up...

i'm so far behind on posts. i've been busy!

maggie's bag
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i've completed a few projects, and hosted a very fun yarn swap party!

First up: A birthday present for Maggie (who i'm so happy to have a new friendship with!)

Next up: a zillion wash cloths for my mother, aunts and grandmother. Most are sugar 'n cream cotton, and one is cotton chenille (which is quite lovely to work with, but is expensive and hard to see all the decreases without guessing.)

The yarn party was fabulous-- though i spent a lot of time in preperations. First there was the baskets to clean out and set up:

and make lovely little tags for:

clean the back deck (the building i live in just got a new roof-- oh, what a mess. and i never cleaned up after autumn):

a cake to make (in which i managed to spill a whole bottle of vanilla all over the clean counter top, clean floor and myself at 12:30 am. yes AM, in the dark!):

make some driving direction signs (i get distracted very easily while house cleaning and take many "breaks"):

Finally: the party began on a clear and beautiful mid-morning. We had a ton of food (thanks ya'll):

And all my wonderful guests (note to self: do you remember photography school at all!?!?! Do not take pictures into the sun light. duh!): Maggie, Kayla, Alex,

Erica, Ben, Katie, and Crystal and tho not pictured ('cause they are picking through yarn: Diane, Anne, Allison and Tom and Jenifer).

I have a ton of yarn left over: (most of it will go to the Knit-Out now).

And i finished up the event by ditching, errrr, i mean quickly cleaning up and putting food away at, my own party to go to LambShoppe!

And that is the update!

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Jenifer said...

Thanks again for having us over! It was a great time and I wish I could have stayed later! :)