Saturday, May 06, 2006

yes, i've changed my blog name. it's not that it has something to do with the "cotton post", i did however, get to thinking about what "the good sheep" meant to me. turns out not much. i thought of it quickly, because i wanted a blog. and a blog needs a name. but what does "a good sheep" mean to me, to anyone? nice fleece? useful lanolin? am i "the good sheep?" maybe it had something to do with knitting, sheep and yarn. but as we all now know, i am not limited to only wool-- and for that matter, i am not limited to only yarn. and i am not a sheep.

so there i was with the seam ripper in hand, taking apart an old garment (and by old, i mean tissue paper thin, ripped a giant whole in the seat, but some parts are still good) to make into a new garment and i thought to myself, "what a good little granola girl, reusing the waist band to make a new skirt". and then it stuck me, "That's a catchy title".

good little granola girl, to me (who else is writing this?), has more ring. more personality. and some more description, bulk, and wit. it describes my love of the homemade, the handcrafted and the natural: cotton, wool, alpaca, silk. maybe we'll even see some pictures of the good little granola girl soon!

In other rabblings: Tom as brought my attention to the craft-couch.

Apparently, the handmades are taking over the couch, spreading out of control. and he wonders if the baskets on the floor are a nessesity right now, is the quilt getting done and just how many projects do you have?

well darling, it's spread to another room! we are in the height of craft-restlessness, bouncing from one idea to another. time is limited. housecleaning calls, but who has time when the good little granola girl wants a new skirt? i can't even put together a grocery list because my mind is so full of homemade ideas. friends need presents, mothers need presents, the wardrobe needs to be expanded. and i'd like to use my own two hands to make it, thank you!


Jenifer said...

Hee hee ... I was just looking at the blog, like, how did I ever subscribe to this?? I love the new title, and your blog is your blog ... your freedom! Have fun crafting ...

Alex said...

I love the new title! Except that it's making me want granola... mmmm.