Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dear One Skein Secret Pal,
A big warm, western Thank You for my beautiful skein of yarn. I love it! How did you know that i have never layed eyes, or finger tips for that matter, on camel! Especially those baby camels (fitting for me, a infant care-taker). Do the baby camels spit like their elders? And the color, creme, so beautiful. Did you know i have a collection of creme hued "rare" fibers? Oh, yes, llama, lamb and alpaca. Everyone, please welcome the baby camel. I'm not sure what to make with it yet... i'm thinking lace.
Additionally, thank you for the lip-balm with loss-prevention. I won't make any rash statements about it's security, but perhaps there is hope. And if i manage to keep the clip and the black topper, i can use it for other lip balms as well. See, here it is on my bag, the one i take with me everywhere. It's all ready to go.
And in other blogging worthy news:
The Kitchen is an excellent place to enjoy local farm fresh eggs and ham benedict on brioche toast with the best darn potatoes i've ever put in my mouth, and knit socks (scroll way down!)-- with The Knitters. We had an improptu brunch and knit session. Seriously, an event that is worthy of repition (true, it is not a cheap meal, but i can taste every pennies worth. (I am not kidding, when can we meet again?)


Alyson said...
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Secret Pal said...

I'm glad you liked it!

I just got that issue of Inteweave on Saturday just so I could knit the Rib and Cable socks!

Jenifer said...

It was great seeing you with your finished socks last night! :)