Saturday, June 03, 2006

i have had a dream. not a good dream. but not a frightening one either. simply a bizarre one (do "simply" and "bizarre" belong in the same sentence?)

~ So i was driving along in "my" truck with a very remote yarn store as the destination. it was cold, gray and visability was not so good. (i should note here, that the covers were probably falling off the bed and the air contidioning was blasting.) Once i found a place to park, in a parking lot with jalopy trucks, men with farm hats and strange looks, my cell phone rang. It was my husband. He needed something, but i told him i had already made the long drive, was about to go see the store and, "no, i would not be coming right home. I will when i am done at the yarn store." When i arrived at The Remote Yarn Store it was located at the back of the mercantile store that looked like something out of an old west movie. I wandered around, like i normally browse yarn stores; lap after lap touching each yarn. When I was done, i went back out to my truck and sat on the bench seat (and this is where i began to feel stressed) and tried to figure out the kitchener stitch by memory on thick, brown wool. I had the yarn needle threaded in one hand and the project in the other. Yet, for the life of me, struggled with that damn technique. i kept running the needle through the live stitches, pulling on the yarn and creating a tangle. I tried to remember it verbally: through like a knit stitch in the front, like a purl in the back, purl through the front stitch... on and on it went stuggling madly with the work, the stress to not loose the live stitches, the remote strange area and why oh why would there be a yarn store in a mercantile out here? where am i? is this wyoming? why can't i remeber this technique i've done it a million times?

** and then the alarm rang. and it was all gone. but my goodness, that was not a happy knitting dream!

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