Thursday, June 01, 2006

growing up, i wasn't a fan of math. but in knitting i now love using it.
For example: One Skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton,

Minus one Baby Bolero,

Equals one little ball of said yarn!

The results of the one skein book are rather exciting. at the last little bit of the pattern i doubted there would be enough yarn ("what if my tension is different from Leigh Radford's? Maybe the little changes i made would dash the end results?" But wait a minute. The changes i made actually saved on yarn yardage. ) So i just waited, and continued to knit to see the result. Turns out, the baby bolero really only takes one skein (hehehe).
US size 8 and 9 needles. Changes: 3 needle bind off at shoulders (and save live stitches at back next edge for border), picked up and knit the sleeves down instead of knitting them flat and having (icky ol') seams at the arms.

In other (social) news:

I knit with the knitters at Alex's house. I can't decide if we are watching the best television program or using the world's largest computer monitor? Thanks Eunny.

and for a little more social recap, Jenifer has posted about the yarn swap party from some weeks ago (scroll down a wee bit). there is a very charming picture of moi. and now i will be done talking about it. done.

oh. and just so you and me know: i have started way too many projects with not enough time to finish them (i.e. gifts with "deadlines").

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