Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm not sure what name to give these socks. I'd call them 'My Kate Socks' for the reason that Kate dyed the yarn... for her yarn business. I'd call them 'My Emily Socks' for the reason that the colorway is named after me! I'd call them 'My Rib and Cable Socks', because that's the pattern name. Or, i'd call them my 'Gentlemen's Bicycle Stockings Socks' because : 1) I started them while SAGging the BVBF for Tom, and 2) Ms. Nancy Bush derived this pattern from those of the same title from Weldon's Practical Needlework Vol. 2.

Regardless of their name, I love them. I love the pattern, the colorway of the yarn, the softness of the merino, the great fit, the repitition of the pattern and last but not least, the new toe decrease i learned-- that involved no grafting!
So, I was working away on my socks, in the Emily colorway when i realized the similarity they had to this bag. That's right, I have a Degas's Ballet Dancers tote bag. I'm in love with it too. I simply love that Kate named a colorway after me, but she could have named if Degas, or the Ballet Dancers, or something art-history like, i would still be in love with it!


Stacey said...

Those socks look gorgeous!! What a fun friend to name a colorway for you:)

Alex said...

Fantastic socks! :) To me they look even more like a Monet waterlilies painting... Kate's dye patterns are very impressionist, I think.

Secret Pal said...


Erica said...

I love your socks. Sorry I'm not at knit night right now, but we are entertaining a house guest. (except I am checking my email.) I hope I get to see you before I am off on my honeymoon voyage. If not, I'll see you when I get back.

Erica said...

BTW Emily,
I want a full report of the Estes Wool market when I return!